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March 22, 2018 10:03 PM

As Empire Mall Loses National Retailers, Local Shops Step Up

It hasn't been a great start to the year for many national mall retailers.

Just this month KELOLAND News told you about three stores that will likely close at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls--Toys 'R' UsNew York and Company and Icing.

While there might not be as much traffic on a daily basis, this shopping destination still brings in people from across the region, including Daniel Little Thunder from Wolsey, South Dakota.

"I don't mind driving here. I always come here to the mall when I come to Sioux Falls," Little Thunder said.

Shoppers including Little Thunder will notice differences at the mall this year. As several national retailers close, you'll notice more local shops. The latest is Bella Spa, which specializes in eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions and facials.

"The uses are more diversified now. We've got entertainment. We've got the candy store," Empire Mall Manager Dan Gies said.

Gies says around a dozen local businesses now call the area home.

"Through 2018 there is going to be more in the pipeline," Gies said.

Another local retailer, Halberstadt's, is also moving to a larger location at the mall.

"This is the number one tourist attraction in the state above Mount Rushmore," Gies said.

A shopping attraction that Little Thunder enjoys checking out a few times a month.

"I do it instead of online shopping. I don't do much of that," Little Thunder said.

Gies says you'll hear about a couple of new stores coming to the mall soon, but he's not able to name names yet.

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