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December 14, 2017 08:01 AM

Are Google Home And Amazon Echo Listening More Than You Realize?

An consumer advocacy group says a new wave of gadgets designed to listen might be hearing more than some think.

Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court said in a CBS This Morning report that his group has studied dozens of patent applications for devices such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo. He's concerned about what could change in the near future.

"What these patents describe is that they're always watching, they're always listening," Court said.

The devices wait for a "wake word" before sending voice recording back to servers hosted by Amazon and Google, where the audio is analyzed and answered.

Spokespersons for both Amazon and Google replied to CBS News, saying that voice recordings are not used for targeted advertising and that Consumer Watchdog's claims are unfounded.

Watch the full report in the player below:

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