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January 03, 2018 06:50 AM

A Look Back At Business For Downtown

Sioux Falls

The holiday season is the bread and butter for many local businesses. So how did stores in Downtown Sioux Falls do? 

Last winter was a difficult time for retailers after the Copper Lounge building collapse. 
Downtown Sioux Falls pushed the idea of shopping small, but League of Your Own owner Kathryn Macziewski says not much changed in 2017.

"We actually didn't see much of a change unfortunately from the building collapse year to this year, it was pretty similar," Macziewski said. 

She thinks there still needs to be a bigger push to shop local. 

"And I go back to the fact that a majority of our customer base is actually visitors. The majority of Sioux Falls residents are not our customers," Macziewski said. 

But across the street it's a different story for Chelsea's Boutique. 

"Summer is busy for us and holiday is crazy for us. And we had a crazy summer, I mean crazy summer, record numbers and then we had a good holiday season," store manager Carly Uthe said.

Uthe says the boutique is coming off of a record year. 

"We can provide something that Amazon can't. And that's that one on one customer interaction, which I think millenials and the younger generation and even the older generation too. They really seek out that connection," Uthe said.

Both storefronts are looking forward to the new year, but for different reasons. 

"We'll see how that comes to be being on another section of the street and a different side," Macziewski said. 

League of Your Own is getting ready for its big move into the storefront that once featured Unglued. And as for Chelsea's Boutique ...

"I think it's going to be a great 2018. We are excited. We have lots of really great ideas and we're very much looking forward to it," Uthe said. 

Chelsea's Boutique says it served close to 8,800 customers in 2017. 
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