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June 29, 2017 10:11 PM

$1.99 Gas

Good news for anyone traveling this Fourth of July: Gas prices could actually reach an all-time low for the year.

"I was shocked, yeah," Vicki Pick said. 

Drivers in Tea are doing double takes as they drive by the Cenex gas station where unleaded gas has dropped to $1.99. The national average is at $2.26 cents a gallon.

"I knew prices were supposed to be low, but I didn't think they were going down that low," Pick said. 

That's good news for people planning to travel for the Independence Day weekend. 

AAA predicts over 37 million Americans will drive to their holiday destinations, which can potentially mean a small increase in holiday weekend gas prices.

Not this year.  

Experts say a large supply of gasoline and crude inventory and less-than-favorable demand this year are among the contributing factors causing the downward price trend.

That puts a smile on the faces of many, including Peter Nelson. 

"Looking forward to it, because I'm heading out of town this weekend, so I better gas up before we leave," Nelson said. 

Even if you're not leaving town this weekend, it still might be a good time to top off the tank just in case your plans change.  

"I am definitely filling up the tank, so we're already to go," Pick said. 

The last time gas was below the $2 mark nationally was in March 2016. 

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