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January 10, 2017 10:17 PM

Winter's Strong Grip On Northern KELOLAND

We received another hit of winter weather on Tuesday, but some areas have been getting more snow than others.

It's been anything but an easy go this winter in northern KELOLAND.  While November was warm with average highs a little over ten degrees above average, the cold came in December 6 and winter's grip has been hard to loosen.

The cold settled in December 8 with below zero temperatures in Aberdeen and Watertown.  The below zero lows lasted for 12 consecutive days from December 8 through 19 for both cities, the coldest being 37 below for both cities on December 18.  The cold lasted into January as Watertown spent 66 consecutive hours below zero January 3 - 6.

Along with the cold, came the freezing rain and snow.  It will be hard to forget Christmas Day 2016 as ice blanketed much of northern and northeast South Dakota.  Two inches of ice coated power lines from Summit to Bristol.  People lost power on Christmas Day and some didn't have it restored until a week later.

The good ol' South Dakota wind has been relentless with numerous wind chills recorded below zero, some days prompting wind chill advisories and wind chill warnings.  The wind has also given days of blowing snow making travel hazardous.

While we are forecasting a January thaw next week, it won't be as warm for northern South Dakota.  To get to average highs in the 20s might be a celebration as we continue to trudge through winter. 
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