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July 10, 2017 06:52 PM

Wind Pattern Could Bring Hope Of Rainfall

Sioux Falls

This time of year, we get focused on the southwestern US for monsoonal moisture. It can play a vital role in our moisture department for the summer months.

The North American Monsoon is a shift in the wind pattern that allows for moisture to flow in from the Gulf of California. This gives rain chances to our southwest and west as shown in the graphic. The trick is to bring that moisture far enough north into KELOLAND. Monsoonal moisture is known for its frequent and sometimes heavy rains. Western Nebraska and western Kansas are typically on the eastern fringe of the monsoonal moisture.

Things have to be just right to get the monsoonal rains into KELOLAND. First, you'll notice western South Dakota getting the rain and then slowly moving to the east. The monsoon season in the United States usually starts in late June and lasts through August.

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