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August 09, 2017 06:24 PM

Welcomed Rainfall Across KELOLAND

Showers passed over KELOLAND overnight and brought along some pretty good rainfall amounts.

This rain was widespread with lots of coverage, unlike those spotty, heavy thunderstorms that can bring damaging winds and hail.

The heaviest rainfall reports from overnight were near a half inch to one inch of rain.

VIPIR radar estimates confirm those reports with plenty of areas in southeast South Dakota and southwest Minnesota in the green, which indicated rainfall estimates of half inch to one inch.

In northeast and central South Dakota there was a big doughnut hole where places like Huron, Redfield, and Aberdeen were dry. The area around them saw spotty rainfall amounts of over half inch with most areas getting less than that. 

Glancing at the forecast, more rain is expected this weekend, so if you missed out last night, there’s another chance in just a few days.

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