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January 09, 2016 10:35 AM

uShare: Saturday Sun Dogs

Sioux Falls, SD

Saturday's cold temperatures are creating a pretty sight - viewers have been sending us pictures of Sun Dogs.

Sun Dogs, or the more scientific name, parhelia, are an atmospheric event in which two bright lights are seen on either side of the sun and a circle or halo is often seen around the sun with them.

These Sun Dogs are created by the light from the sun interacting with the ice crystals in the atmosphere. Light from the sun hits the ice crystals in the cirrus clouds and are refracted towards your eyes. Sun dogs usually form when the sun is close to the horizon and on days when it’s very cold, like Saturday.

Check out these uShare photos we've received so far of Saturday's Sun Dog. If you'd like to send in a photo, email us at or by using your mobile app

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