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July 17, 2015 01:05 AM

Storm Center Update- Friday AM

Sioux Falls, SD

Scattered thunderstorms developed last night, providing a very dynamic skyline across the Sioux Falls area.  The storms produced little severe weather, mainly just rain and lightning.  We have lots of pictures, and if you have weather pictures you would like to share, send them to and we’ll put them on our online gallery of cloud pictures.

Speaking of storms, we have more scattered storms in the forecast this afternoon.  One spot to watch will be far northeastern SD, where severe weather is a distinct possibility with any storms that develop.  Large hail, damaging winds, and even a tornado or two can’t be ruled out.

Sioux Falls looks hot and humid on the 12-hour forecast.


Other isolated storms are possible in the southeast late this afternoon, but the atmosphere will be more capped.  However, storms in far western SD will likely organized into one two clusters and head east this evening.

Some severe weather could accompany evening storms in central SD and we’ll watch those areas of rain as it moves toward Sioux Falls.  Chances of rain will increase after 9pm, so make sure you track the weather on our KELOLAND StormTracker app through the evening.

Tomorrow will be cooler with lower humidity values during the day.  That trend will continue into Sunday, making for a very nice weekend for most of you.

Next week, we’ll see warmer weather and a few isolated t-storms early in the week.  More organized storms are possible by Wednesday.


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