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July 10, 2013 02:56 PM

Storm Center Update - Wednesday PM

We’re partially through one of the nicest days of the year, at least thus far.  Temperatures are exceptionally mild, winds are mild and the sun is out.  There are a few dry thunderstorms down south, close to Winner and Mission.
These are passing out of the area and into Nebraska, south of Sioux Falls.  There IS a risk of severe storms in the area, mostly for the Black Hills and points south this evening.  The system causing it is down in Colorado and Nebraska but by the seven-midnight time frame we’re expecting more storms to come out of Wyoming and into the Hills.  These will move ESE fairly quickly as high pressure leaves central South Dakota. 
Sunshine continues tomorrow with a few afternoon clouds popping up over Sioux Falls.  There could be some very isolated showers by mid afternoon in the southeast BUT they only show up on one computer tool.
The strong south breeze will be the other big weather story tomorrow.  This will draw in a fair amount of humidity and will bump up the heat index.  We’ll be steamy the next few days West River in advance of an approaching boundary coming Friday.  We’ll have to watch out for the potential of severe storms late Friday and through the weekend.  A rain chance stays around through Monday but Tuesday looks somewhat drier. 

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