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February 23, 2012 05:18 PM

Storm Center Update - Thursday PM

We started an active weather pattern recently but for many of us, today was the first big sign of that change. Most of the snow is over with in South Dakota for the evening and winds will ever so slightly die down. We will remain overcast over much of KELOLAND and low clouds will look like fog in some cases. East River (where much of the snow was focused) will bottom in the middle teens, with lows near 20 West River.

Tomorrow, overcast and gray skies hang around. There is a slight chance of snow tomorrow, but it's not of that much merit now. Northwest breezes will remain gusty with warmer weather in the west.

Saturday will be a couple of degrees warmer but with fewer clouds. Winds turn to the southeast in advance of a bigger system that continues to hint at a northern track, mostly in North Dakota. Still, we have included snow chances across KELOLAND as this could easily head south after it passes the Rockies. The best chance remains in Aberdeen Sunday. Many areas will also be windy to finish the weekend. We'll have much more for you on this tomorrow.

Monday brings another quiet day but on Tuesday model runs want to bring in another maturing storm. This would take the southern track we've seen often this year. Sioux Falls has the best chance of that one right now, at 40%. Again, it's still early on. Early week will also bring in the coldest low temperatures of the week, many in single digits.
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