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February 19, 2012 06:17 PM

Storm Center Update - Sunday PM

Our main focus for the coming week is the broad winter system late tonight and tomorrow. The Black Hills will start things off, with a mix before most of us head to bed. A leading band of rain quickly turns to snow in west-central South Dakota. A band of quickly-falling snow could form from a roughly Winner to Brookings line, including northern Sioux Falls.

Again, this has looked like an all day event for quite a while. You might not receive something at all times, and it's likely to flip back and forth between rain, wet snow and sleet. Basically, if it warms up slightly, it will favor rain. If we cool down slightly, snow totals will become higher.

We expect widespread light snow for much of South Dakota. Southeast of Rapid City, around Sioux Falls and along the I-29 corridor could get slightly more. The upper range is still around five inches of wet and dense snow. For the untreated roads, we're expecting it to get fairly slippery but the amount of cars on the roads should be slightly less.

The accumulation amounts are on a sliding scale through late in the evening East River.

Other systems roll in throughout the workweek. There is a slight chance of mix most of the following days, with the best chance Thursday.
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