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August 11, 2013 06:28 PM

Storm Center Update - Sunday PM

Storms continue their snails’ pace over the Black Hills this afternoon as most others are seeing some sunshine.  There is a fair amount of action in Wyoming, mostly isolated and at elevation.  We DID have a confirmed tornado near Hill City.  That was between 2:30-2:40 p.m. MDT, roughly.  We talked to an emergency manager who said there were no injuries or structural damage but lots of trees were knocked down.  We also had plenty of large hail near Custer, Hill City and Mount Rushmore.  Plows were even sent out to clear it up along Highway 385!  That same storm will likely continue to move south slowly, well past the Nebraska border.  There are more storms behind it, farther north.  These have had a lot of trouble getting to Rapid City the past few days and they would need to push well to the east. 
Otherwise, there are storms forming from Sioux City eastwards into Iowa.  There could be a Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued later, depending on what plays out.  Our Iowa counties are the most likely to see storms East River.  There could also be a few isolated storms along Highway 14 later this evening, closer to Huron. 
Stray storms should arrive out of North Dakota tomorrow morning.  These will not be quite as organized as recent action and will take a long time to reach Interstate 90 or other southern areas. 
The best shot of rain this week for the west is Tuesday.  We should have some decent coverage if things hold together.  The other big story will be a noticeable warming trend late in the week for many.

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