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June 24, 2012 04:11 PM

Storm Center Update - Sunday PM

Most of this week looks hot and dry.  Tonight, thunderstorms will try to form in western Nebraska and could try to jump across the South Dakota border towards the far SW.  This doesn't seem like a strong likelihood, though.  Much like we had this morning, low clouds are something to watch for tomorrow morning.  Morning temperatures should be slightly warmer so widespread fog isn't as likely as today.  There should be slightly more cloud cover than we had today, though, hence the bump up to 'partly cloudy.' 

Tomorrow will be very warm but will be a little bit less hot than what we have mid-week.  That upper level blocking pattern will head farther north by then and temperatures will rise, especially in the west. 

The record for June 26th (which is Tuesday) in Pierre is 104.  In Rapid City, it is 105.  While I don't think we will hit these at this moment, each forecast does seem to get warmer.  East winds will help out the eastern counties, but only a little bit.  As the high pressure glides eastward, the hottest days for eastern KELOLAND will be Wednesday and into Thursday.  Morning lows and humidity will be something else to watch for, as that only makes it feel hotter. 

Late in the week, isolated shower chances stay in but still don't look very organized.

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