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October 20, 2013 07:58 AM

Storm Center Update - Sunday AM

Get ready for a cool day with gray skies, as a strong cold front plows through South Dakota this morning.  Many of us in the west could actually have a midnight high, as daytime heating will be limited.  Sunshine will cut through central and northern South Dakota by this afternoon but we’ll still be well below average.  Strong winds will make their presence felt, particularly in the west.  Well behind the center of the departing system, winds in the Black Hills will be sustained from 25-40 mph.  We also expect our two thin patches of rain to connect into a weak line.  The moisture we do see today will be very light, likely less than a few hundredths of an inch. 
Some cloud-cover sticks around tonight but it will be quite cold.  If our Aberdeen forecast holds, it will be the coldest night since May 3rd of this year!  Those in the west will drop to near 30°.  Tomorrow will be one of the cooler days all week.  Calm and clearer air moves in early tomorrow morning but we expect clouds to replace the sunshine later in the day.  There’s a slim chance of more moisture arriving to the Black Hills later in the day.  Rapid City should stay as rain but light snow is possible in the higher elevations of the Black Hills.  That moisture will arrive to Aberdeen, Sioux Falls and Pierre by early Tuesday.  The chance is fairly small in total, but there is more moisture to work with.  Most computer models show about a quarter of an inch (which is still not heavy).

Mostly sunny skies return for most by Wednesday!  With general northwest flow continuing to dominate our weather pattern, we’ll still be below average even with the sun. 

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