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June 23, 2013 08:11 AM

Storm Center Update - Sunday AM

We start today out with some rain showers in the far east but it’s time to start drying things out.  Most of the severe threat today is done with and clouds are already clearing from west to east across the Dakotas.  We’ll break out the sunshine, giving many the chance to clean up from overnight storms.  The newsroom called around and thus far, we haven’t had many reports of fresh damage.  Still, many picked up anywhere from one to four inches of rain overnight and a Flash Flood Warning continues for the Watertown area.  That should swell the headwaters of the Big Sioux River for the next few days.

Some patchy clouds should push back into northern SD as the day goes on.  They’ll arrive on the back edge of this low pressure center that’s now pushing into Canada.  Calmer air arrives on the back edge of this and that helps the rain chance drop.  A few late-day storms are always possible this time of year over the Black Hills but it shouldn’t be all that widespread.

Tomorrow looks nice, as well.  There should be some storms forming over north-central SD late in the afternoon.  Some of these could clip Pierre but we think it’s more likely for storms to move into Aberdeen late in the evening and into the night.  Some of these storms could be marginally severe and heavy rain is possible.

There is a slight chance of severe storms on Tuesday but not at the same level we’ve seen recently.  After that, the forecast is mostly dry and very warm.

A map of rainfall totals will be posted later in the day.

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