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February 19, 2012 09:19 AM

Storm Center Update - Sunday AM

Well, today looks nice. We will be pretty mild with lots of sunshine and a warming breeze. Late tonight and through your day tomorrow is a different story. The system won't be intact as it passes through Wyoming but it's getting reinforcements as it moves into South Dakota Monday.

Since the warm trend is centered on south-central KELOLAND, this is the area we expect to see rain start in. The leading edge could bring a brief snow before turning to a slushy mix as the alarm clocks go off. I expect there to be a few change-overs during the day, between snow and rain. Though the system will be looming all day, it's not likely that you'll constantly be seeing something. Most areas can expect some precipitation. Accumulation is likely, too, with 1-3" a good benchmark for much of the state. There will be a smaller pocket of heavier snow and that will be just north and west of Sioux Falls.

That feature has shown up for a while as has the re-building of the system just as it crosses the Missouri. That brings Aberdeen a good chance and much of this northern piece will come down as wet, dense snow.

By evening, the back end is slowly moving off to our east.

Temperatures won't fall off a huge amount post-snow. There just isn't a lot of cold air moving in for now. Several smaller waves move in later in the week, the most promising coming Thursday.

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