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April 29, 2012 08:20 AM

Storm Center Update - Sunday AM

Today will be much like yesterday with a little less cloud cover.  Overall, it shouldn't be very warm and it will be kind of dreary during parts of the day. 

We've got some lighter rains coming out of Nebraska.  That is the tail-end of the system overhead yesterday that is now heading towards Canada.  The rains look to stay penned up mostly between the Missouri and James Rivers.  If clouds break this afternoon for a while, smaller thunderstorms could form. There is not a great deal of energy in play here, so most of what forms will look more ominous than it really is.

In Iowa and in Minnesota, winds above ground will be peaking.  That could allow a very stray storm to fire up before sunset. 

For tonight, winds really calm down.  Skies should clear, too, and that means a good shot at fog forming east of Aberdeen and Sioux Falls.  By your Monday morning drive-in, that's when it would be most noticeable. 

Tomorrow should be around 10-15 degrees warmer and slightly sunnier.  Rains will be rarer but not gone entirely. 

Tuesday, the best chance of strong thunderstorms is around Sioux Falls.  With peak heating timed right before a cold front, we'll get more energy coming into the area.  Right now, far eastern KELOLAND is in a "Slight Risk" for Tuesday.  That looks to be more of a later-afternoon situation.

Temperatures stay consistently around 70 late week for highs with slight rain chances around.

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