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April 13, 2013 05:34 PM

Storm Center Update - Saturday PM

Periods of sunshine haven’t been quite enough to warm us up to seasonal levels.  We’ve seen some decent snow and ice melting in the southern half of KELOLAND but another wintry storm is already moving in.  It’s warmer West River, where scattered and dis-organized rain showers are moving in, on schedule.
There have been some changes since the morning forecast.  Because it’s been a touch cooler in the northeast, both the Ice Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisory have moved a line of counties south.  While we still think Highway 14 is a rough guideline for the rain-snow line, frozen mix is an option for those that are north of I-90.  The storm will begin to tighten up and strengthen tonight.  That will focus winds and could prompt a late day warming trend (hopefully) for the Sioux Falls area.  With areas of showers in the Hills, we’ll also have windy conditions to deal with. 
The heaviest snow still looks to be in North Dakota but several inches of snow area still possible in far northern South Dakota.  With that Ice Storm Warning, some in the northeast corner could see a quarter inch of ice.  That would certainly cause travel and tree issues along I-29 and atop the Coteau.  The European computer model takes snow down towards the Watertown and Huron model through tomorrow morning.
Sioux Falls and Pierre are mostly looking at cold rain.  Still, with cooler temps today, some frozen mix or even a few snowflakes could mix in.  We could see a quarter of an inch or more of rainfall, which should further help melt snow and ice. 
Cold winds will continue their push into our area tomorrow and that should lead to a change-over back to snow along the northern counties.  This system looks to last through much of the day in this same area and could even stick around through parts of Monday.
For most, Monday should be a fairly quiet day.  The next storm will be to our south and we’ll be on the cold side this time around.  Temperatures will drop leading up to this storm and much of what falls will be snow.  The action should start early Tuesday morning in far SW South Dakota.  Rapid City has a chance at snow with this storm.  Our chances go up on Wednesday as the system starts moving to the east.  Sioux Falls still has our best chance, especially late Wednesday into Thursday early.  The storm will then change tracks, and will bend quickly towards the Great Lakes.  Wrap-around moisture and winds will give Aberdeen a better chance by this point. 
We have a semblance of a warming trend ahead, leading into next weekend

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