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March 23, 2013 05:01 PM

Storm Center Update - Saturday PM

Areas of mostly disorganized snow are moving into our southeastern counties.  Reports coming into the Storm Center are mostly light snow totals along the Nebraska border.  Many have seen something between persistent flurries and a dusting. 
An upper-level system will move closer to our area tonight and will enhance the snow. 
It’s still an unusual storm track, in that the snow will move north and wrap around the system.  Flurries have been nearly constant in the northeast corner today, and more light snow should push in tomorrow.  Fog is also a good possibility in the southeast this evening and is already showing up towards Freeman and Mitchell.
It still appears like our best snowfall will be in NW Iowa, east of the Yankton-Sioux Falls-Marshall line we talked about this morning.  The Canadian model pulls a touch more snow towards the Lake District near Watertown.  Even with a lingering snow threat, overall totals should be rather light for most of South Dakota.  We’ve got a fair amount of moisture at cloud level but more than a couple of inches would be unusual before late tomorrow. 
Later Sunday and into Monday we’ll watch scattered snow showers moving south out of North Dakota.  Along with strong winds coming in, we could also have pockets of blowing snow in western South Dakota.
While there will be a fair amount of mid-week sunshine, high temperatures will remain below our late-March averages.  Friday and Saturday will see more clouds along with a chance of wintry mix.  Early next week the potential for a more widespread system is looming.

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