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September 14, 2013 06:35 AM

Storm Center Update - Saturday AM

Rain, or at least the decent chance of it, is the big weather story today and tonight.  That’s followed closely by how cool temperatures will be through the weekend.  Several different systems are converging right on KELOLAND this morning.  A fairly strong cold front is ready to move in from Montana and Canada.  We’ve got monsoonal moisture arriving from Colorado and New Mexico.  Lastly, there’s leftover wind from last night that is helping to get things going.
While some of us in the east and northeast could see some healthy rain showers through tonight, we do want to mention that these shouldn’t be heavy like the flooding you’ve seen in Colorado.  It does draw from the same overall system, but we don’t have the terrain and much of the moisture has been pulled out to our southwest. 
If you’re following the radar trends today, you’ll see that that many pieces of rain will move in.  We don’t expect to see much sunshine today.  Showers and the stray storm will move to the northeast, setting up the best chances for the northeast corner of the state and into Minnesota.  Rainfall up to or around a half inch could be seen by some in this area.  Because the showers are spotty, rainfall totals will be different for everyone!
Sioux Falls still has a good chance but there is some dry air in Nebraska (which is an issue).  Pierre also has lots of dry air to fight BUT we’re already seeing some rain there early. Rapid City has less of a daytime chance but the cold front should sweep rain into the Hills this evening.  This *should* pivot around the system and bring a decent chance of additional rain to SD tonight but some of our tools stall the system.

Morning showers are possible in Rapid City tomorrow but many others will see quickly clearing skies.  We’ll call Sioux Falls partly cloudy since it’s farther towards the southeast.  We then begin a warming trend that leads up to a very warm Wednesday.  The European tool brings another nice storm in Wednesday and Thursday and we’re biting on that for now.  It’s still a ways out, though. 

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