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April 05, 2013 03:30 PM

Storm Center Update - Friday PM

We’ve had a tough time warming things up in eastern KELOLAND this afternoon thanks to an abundance of clouds.  We’re finally getting some warmer readings thanks to the warm front we’ve been talking about.  Winner is close to 80° while Pierre isn’t yet at 60°.  We’ve got a stout southeast breeze that will fade somewhat tonight.
A fairly compact cluster of showers and storms is arriving out West River from Wyoming.  The best moisture should be in the Black Hills this evening before the bulk of it takes off to the northeast.  That means a better chance of showers tonight for Aberdeen and Pierre, at least compared to Sioux Falls. 
These spotty showers should last until the middle of tomorrow morning but tomorrow shouldn’t be all that bad. The latter half of Saturday will be better with highs from the upper 40s and 50s east to the lower 60s in central and western South Dakota.  FutureScan and one other computer model wanted to place some really light showers between the James and Missouri Rivers tomorrow evening.
There is also another round of lighter showers on the way for late Sunday. 
The big story next week will be a Colorado low and just how close it can get to our area.  The European model is farther south and the American is more north.  Either way, our best chances for moisture are Monday through Wednesday.  Cold air will move in from Canada on Tuesday as north winds sharply pick up.  Since the Gulf of Mexico should be a factor, there is at least a chance of better rain totals.

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