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February 24, 2012 02:38 PM

Storm Center Update - Friday PM

We've seen a relatively calm day, with some light snow waves moving in from the northeast. For most East River, it gave some time to clean up.

More is on the way over the coming week. Tonight, overcast skies break up and we'll be quite a bit colder in snow-covered areas. I don't foresee anyone staying above 20 degrees by morning. Aberdeen will be one of the coldest, finishing at 8 above. West River, lows will be in the middle to upper teens, with lighter variable winds.

Tomorrow, winds will turn and come out of the southeast. The stiff breezes signal another system heading for parts of KELOLAND. That Sunday storm looks to stay centered along the Canadian border, so Aberdeen has the best chance for now. More updates are coming tomorrow. We'll pull in warmer air from the south on Sunday, too. Further south, highs will break 40.

The more stout system we're looking at is on Tuesday. This low center tracks out of the Rockies from our southwest. We think it will be windy and though most areas will be below freezing, a wintry mix is in your forecast, favoring snow. This looks widespread as well. We'll bring more details tonight on KELOLAND News and this weekend, too.

This time of year, high temperatures are typically on the way up. By the latter parts of next workweek, numbers are mixed. Areas with snow coverage will be quite cold, actually below normal. But in the Hills, milder weather brings highs in the lower 40s.
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