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November 15, 2013 03:08 PM

Storm Center Update - Friday PM

Light rain showers continue to push northeast past Aberdeen, as they move outside of KELOLAND.  There wasn’t much moisture but the clouds were more than enough to hold temperatures down.  Elsewhere, variably cloudy skies and a south breeze have helped warm us up well above average.  Many spots were ~15° above typical mid-November highs, so let’s hope you got to enjoy the fall bonus. 

Tonight will be fairly quiet.  Winds go light in West River, but we’ll keep our daytime breeze in the Sioux Falls area.  That leftover wind will keep us from cooling quickly, and we’ll fall to the upper 30s.  Otherwise, a few spots in south-central South Dakota could see the first of the raindrops we’ll be tracking tomorrow…

A weak system arrives to our eastern counties fairly early tomorrow.  There isn’t much moisture in this cluster, less than a quarter inch for most.  This storm will end up strengthening once it moves east into Minnesota and Wisconsin, so we’ll watch the winds later in the day.  The chances remain scattered, so not everyone in the east will see rain.  After that wave passes, skies will slowly clear and we’ll have a decent finish to the day. 

Another wave arrives Sunday, this time from out west.  Again, there isn’t much moisture but the overall chance goes up for many. We’re talking a few hundredths of an inch of total moisture here, maybe a touch more in a few spots.  We’ll call it a scattered chance in Rapid City, Pierre and Sioux Falls.  Aberdeen’s shot of wintry mix Sunday will be more isolated.  The cold air push continues on Monday in the east, as highs fight to break the mid 30s!  Add to that the strong winds, and it’s going to be a chilly day.  We warm back up through Wednesday, continuing our topsy-turvy trend. Both Tuesday and Wednesday will be breezy, before another cold front arrives early Thursday. 

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