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June 28, 2013 07:26 AM

Storm Center Update - Friday AM

It’s an extremely quiet morning over the High Plains.  The biggest trend across the country is a stout ridge across the SW that’s breaking records and impacting our local weather.  While that will strengthen and build north, it will actually serve to cool us down this weekend. 
Early on today we’re basically cloud-free, with great visibility.  Dew points fell overnight and it’s a very pleasant start to the day.  Temperatures are also 5-10 degrees cooler than they were at this time yesterday.  Expect plentiful sunshine today and for much of tomorrow.  Winds will become a bigger story as the day goes on.  With KELOLAND caught in between two systems, the north breeze will strengthen atop the Coteau.  Showers over the Great Lakes could move closer to SD but will mostly miss us to the east.  A few late-day fair weather clouds will move in towards Sioux Falls and Aberdeen.  One computer tool placed showers near Mobridge late this afternoon but if they form, they will be isolated. 
Winds will fade tonight and it will be quiet.  The more active weather over Minnesota will try to move closer to South Dakota by tomorrow afternoon.  Isolated and passing showers will come out of the north.  Unless you are underneath of a thunderstorm, the rain showers will remain light.  With winds coming out of Canada, we’ll be just a touch cooler than average for the weekend.
Starting Sunday and continuing through Tuesday, partly cloudy skies and typical high temperatures will be the big weather stories.  Our pattern will remain quiet until scattered showers come into KELOLAND Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday is July 4th, but as of now, it’s not looking like a rain-out.

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