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January 02, 2018 03:11 PM

Storm Center Update - Tuesday PM, Jan. 2

It was one final extremely cold morning underneath the current arctic air mass. Sioux Falls and Aberdeen both bottomed out at 25 below zero. But then some slightly warmer air came to the rescue. At 10 AM, Sioux Falls rose to two degrees above zero, ending a stream of 82 straight subzero hours dating back to last Friday night.

South Dakota morning lows temperature

Clouds are dropping in from the northwest, carrying a band of light snow as they come. Flurries should come through Sioux Falls during the late afternoon and evening time period, with little or no accumulation.

Sioux Falls Park skycam South Dakota weatherTonight skies will clear out, with a light north breeze. But the center of the cold air mass is moving away, so our lows will be tolerable, in the single digits in the south to a few degrees below zero in the north.

South Dakota forecast temperatures

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny, but we’ll have a northerly breeze that will keep us cool. Our highs will be in the single digits to low teens East River, while western South Dakota will see the 20s, or even around 32 in the case of Rapid City.

Wednesday South Dakota weather temperatures

On Thursday we’ll have a little bit of energy dropping down from the north, so we’re carrying a chance of light snow (under an inch) in eastern KELOLAND. Skies will be partly cloudy in the west. High temperatures will still be in the single digits to low teens East River, with a very light SE breeze. Western South Dakota will be warmer, in the 20s and 30s.

South Dakota weather Thursday

We’ll keep highs in the single digits to teens East River on Friday, with a sunny sky. Western South Dakota will be warmer, with Rapid City in the 30s on the leading edge of milder air coming our way.


There’s good news for the weekend. Saturday will be partly to mostly sunny – and a bit breezy – but temperatures will be in the 20s East River to the upper 40s in Rapid City. Sunday we’re carrying a slight chance of light snowfall, but it will still be mile in the upper 20s to around 30 East River, and about 40 in Rapid City.


Temperatures will remain mild on Monday, in the upper 20s East River (about normal for this part of January). Western South Dakota will be a little warmer. Tuesday will only be a few degrees cooler – but will almost feel like a January thaw compared to the extremely cold temperatures we’ve had the past few days.

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