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March 09, 2018 06:07 PM

Spring Storms Could Lead To Flooding Along The Missouri River

While Fridays temperatures aren't necessarily spring-like, many people are thinking about spring. One thing we're watching closely is what is going on upstream, not only in North Dakota but in Montana.

With above freezing temperatures in the seven-day forecast, we'll continue to melt snow and ice across KELOLAND.  The water eventually runs off into area lakes and rivers.  One river of concern is the Missouri River and the place to watch is Montana.

Many locations in Montana are over their average precipitation for the past month.  Much of central and northern Montana are more than three times their average amount.  In fact, Billings Montana is sitting at their fifth snowiest season at just under 84 inches.  But only six inches is currently on the ground.

Earlier this week, Billings had close to a foot on the ground, but with temperatures in the 30s to low 40s they've had a gradual snowmelt.  A gradual snowmelt will be ideal heading forward, but with as much water as they've had, spring storms could mean flooding along the Missouri.  For KELOLAND weather, I'm Meteorologist Scot Mundt. 

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