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February 23, 2018 06:18 PM

Snowy Month Of February Across KELOLAND

The snow is quickly piling up this month and it will be one for the record books. In fact, some cities are already in the top ten for snowiest Februarys.  

It was another day for cleaning up after the latest round of snow dropped anywhere from two to eight inches of snow. And after the clean-up it was then a day to think about how to handle the next storm...which is Saturday. 

Here's where we stand so far this month. The foot of snow earlier this week in Rapid City has given them 16.8 for the month. Both Pierre and Sioux Falls are over a foot then the numbers taper off in northern South Dakota.

This is the fourth snowiest February for Rapid City while Pierre is now at their seventh snowiest. Sioux Falls is getting close. In fact, if we get 3.4 inches on Saturday, it will bring the city to 17 inches. That will be enough to crack the top ten for snowiest Februarys for Sioux Falls. 

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