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January 26, 2012 06:25 PM

Snow Prediction Update

The first couple of months of the snow season have been anything but snowy.

Many locations in eastern KELOLAND had below average snowfall for November and December.
Exceptions include Pierre and Rapid City, when significant snow fell in November.

January has been a different story. Locations that haven't seen much snow are finally getting it. Much of eastern KELOLAND has received more than six inches this month with the highest total coming in from Huron at eight and a half inches. Sioux Falls and Aberdeen have had more than seven so far this month. The total snow for the season doesn't change much in eastern KELOLAND.

In fact, Mitchell has received all its snow so far this winter in January. Aberdeen and Sioux Falls both sit at seven point seven inches and Huron is just over a foot. Thanks to the snow earlier in the winter, Pierre is at 15 and Rapid City is close to 20 inches. 

We'll have to pick up the pace if Sioux Falls will hit my prediction of 43 inches. By the looks of the forecast for the first half of February it's not looking too good for me. But there's always March.
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