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March 07, 2018 05:19 PM

Sioux Falls Yet To See Snowstorm Over 5 Inches This Season

This latest round of snow dumped four inches in Sioux Falls, pushing the season total to 35.7".  The way all of that snow has piled up is a little surprising.

While light snow fell this morning in Sioux Falls, it didn't add up to too much.  Light snow is the something the city is growing  accustomed to.  The frequent number of storms that have blown through the city are causing the numbers to add up.

The heaviest snow this year (so far) was 4.3" on December 21. Our recent 4.1" from March 5-6 is the second heaviest for the city for the 2017-18 snow season.  Sioux Falls has had eight systems generate at least two inches of snow this year but none of them have been over five inches.

Since 1950, Sioux Falls has recorded at least 35" of snow October through April 42 times (including this year). Of all those years, Sioux Falls has had one storm (or more) that dropped at least five inches... except this year!

Of course, it's a different story elsewhere with Rapid City, Yankton, and Vermillion receiving a foot of snow out of a single system.  Aberdeen and Pierre have also received over 6'' from storms this year.

I know, we still have March and April to go through.  So there's still a chance for a storm to give us five inches or more of snow.  

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