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July 29, 2013 06:21 PM

Records Broken All Weekend

As the old expression goes, records are made to be broken.

We weren't surprised to see records fall this weekend, given how clear the skies were and how still the air was. But it is rare to see so many records broken over a two-day stretch. 

It's not often you see people wearing jackets in July. In fact, most of Saturday's records dated back to 2005. That week had a very similar pattern with a big low positioned over the Hudson Bay of Canada. Going back to that year, we find it was only a one-day cold snap before lows climbed back to the 60s. 

On Saturday, we watched temperatures tumble and records fall in Aberdeen, Watertown, Sisseton, Pierre, Huron and Mitchell.  Sioux Falls missed the mark by just one degree but claimed it on Sunday morning.  That previous record went back to 1925 when we dropped to a low of 45 degrees. Mitchell and Huron also broke records again on Sunday.  It didn't take long for Aberdeen, Sisseton and Pierre to also dip below their Saturday records. 

Though we are warming, the rest of the week should be below average, as well. The good news is, your air conditioner should continue to get a break for at least the next week

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