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August 23, 2017 05:22 PM

Recent Rainfall Making Dents In Recent Drought Monitor

The cool and wet August continues to make dents in the drought in parts of KELOLAND.  When the new drought monitor comes out on Thursday, you're likely to see improvement in central and eastern KELOLAND as rain amounts for those areas have been around an inch to as much as five inches and more.

It took one day in southeast KELOLAND and we'll make up ground on the drought. Rainfall amounts in Sioux falls ranged anywhere from two inches at the airport to seven on the southeast side of the city.  Sioux Falls wasn't the only one getting the much needed rainfall.

The official rain amount over the past week in SIoux Falls is 3.4 inches.  You can see the amounts over the past week in the southeast are healthy, with two to three inches being common.  This will help improve the moderate to severe drought conditions in this area.

East central South Dakota had hit and miss rain with amounts near three inches in Brookings to one-third in Aberdeen.

Central South Dakota had amounts from nearly two and a half inches in Winner to as little as thirteen hundredths of an inch in Mobridge.

The driest conditions over the past week can be found in western South Dakota with a couple of hundredths here and there.  Spearfish is one area that can really use some rain.

Another round of rain is on the way starting tomorrow in western South Dakota and ending Saturday night in eastern KELOLAND.  We'll see if we can fill in some of the gaps along the way. 

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