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July 06, 2017 10:12 PM

Monitor: Only 10 Percent Of State Drought Free

Sioux Falls

It took two months to see a big swing in moisture in South Dakota. The first week of May showed 99 percent of South Dakota being drought free, while the first week of July is a lot different.

Most of the rain has been widely scattered this week. While one town will get an inch or two, the next town over misses it entirely. Uniform rain is what we need to help the conditions in KELOLAND.

The latest drought monitor hasn't changed much in KELOLAND since last week. It still shows areas of extreme drought in north central South Dakota, the extreme category covers 4 percent of South Dakota, up from 2 percent last week. The severe drought category is about the same as last week at around 30 percent, while the dry and moderate drought category combine for a little over 55 percent. That leaves almost 10 percent of South Dakota drought free.

The lack of rain will continue to stress crops and cattle throughout South Dakota. Unfortunately, the damage may already be done in some areas.

The heat is now in full force. That's not good news for those looking for rain as the hot temperatures dry things out even faster. We'll have slightly cooler air for the weekend, but we'll be back in the heat next week.
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