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March 22, 2018 05:50 PM

Moisture Runoff Forecast

The Big Sioux is running a little higher these days, but nothing out of the normal range for this time of year.  But as the forecast show, more moisture is coming and much of it will fall over frozen ground, sending it right into the river.   

Thursday's soil temperatures show four inch soil numbers are running at or below freezing across much of the Big Sioux River Basin north of Sioux Falls.  Snow cover is down, but we know that could change quickly Friday and rain will likely run off into streams and rivers.

We are forecasting between a half and a full inch along the I-29 corridor and points east.  Some will be rain, some will be snow.  All of it will contribute to soggy ground that will only get wetter when we get round two early next week.  

While the east will be dealing with runoff issues in the days ahead, more moisture is still needed West River.  The drought monitor shows slight improvement, but a significant moisture deficit remains.

Most rivers in our area typically crest in April as early spring moisture runs off cold ground before the growing season begins.

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