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June 14, 2017 05:14 PM

Look Back At Severe Storms Across South Dakota

It was an afternoon and evening full of severe weather in eastern KELOLAND on Tuesday.  

Spend any time outdoors and you can tell the air has a different feel to it after the storms. It's much cooler and drier in eastern KELOLAND.  Only to get that cooler and drier air, we had to sustain a day of severe weather.

There were eight to 10 tornado reports in KELOLAND.  A handful of those near Mitchell and south.  Others were found in northeast South Dakota.  Reports of trees and branches being down, as well as damage to buildings were common in these areas.

There were a lot of reports of strong winds and hail in eastern KELOLAND that were responsible for damage as well.  Wind speeds of 60 to 90 miles per hour were common with hail size up to 2" in diameter.

We had our eyes not only on the radar but on our skycams, too.  We created a time lapse of us looking throughout the skycam network during the afternoon and evening, making stops in Wagner and Mitchell, which showed dust being picked up with the strong winds from the storms.  Heavy rain also reduced visibilities throughout the area including Watertown and Sioux Falls.

While we'll have calm conditions for the next couple of days, some people will spend it cleaning up from the damage left behind.  
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