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April 14, 2017 06:31 PM

Latest Monitor Shows Improvement In Dry Conditions

The recent rain and snow in western KELOLAND has been a big help in improving the dry conditions. 

In the Storm Center, we keep close watch on the drought monitor for KELOLAND. And looking back, it has been dry in western South Dakota.

Yet the rain and snow over the winter has reduced the drought's grip and for the first time since May, 2016, KELOLAND is no longer in a drought.

The most recent update that was released Thursday morning shows that only abnormally dry conditions exist in KELOLAND. Just on the other side of the border into Wyoming, there are moderate drought conditions. 

The climate outlook for the Midwest continues the above average precipitation through spring and summer so it's no stretch of the mind to think the abnormally dry conditions could be improved as well. 

Speaking of the spring and summer outlook, we'll expand on the summer forecast in the Spring Doppler Special airing on Monday, April 24. 

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