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July 13, 2017 05:22 PM

Latest Drought Monitor Continues To Get Worse

The hot start to July hasn't helped the drought monitor

Here's an example of how our drought is affecting who sees rain and who doesn't. 

Rather than moving across the state, this rain in southwestern South Dakota disappeared due to the dry conditions feeding into it.   

That's not good for many farmers and ranchers in KELOLAND.  

Take a drive anywhere in KELOLAND and you can see the result of high heat and low rainfall does.  Plenty of areas are dry and dusty and the damage has already been done to crops and ranches.  The latest drought monitor continues to get worse.

It shows that 93-percent of South Dakota is abnormally dry or in some sort of drought category. That's up two percent from last week.  The driest areas are in central and northern South Dakota where the extreme drought category went up from four to ten percent.

Conditions will most likely get worse before they get better.  90s and 100s will return this weekend and into next week, but slightly cooler air should bring in better chances for rain just beyond the seven day forecast.  We'll see if the cooler trend and rain chances last for the rest of the month.  

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