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September 12, 2017 06:28 PM

Irma Keeps Warmer Weather Around In KELOLAND

Our warm stretch of weather in KELOLAND is happening, in part, due to the hurricanes.  

As Irma moves north towards the Ohio Valley, our warm stretch of weather will continue in KELOLAND.  But as it leaves the Ohio Valley, we'll return to more seasonal air.  In fact, we'll end up below average in many locations.

The massive storms of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma slowed down our warm and dry weather from moving out.  When the warmer weather got here, it stayed. In fact, we're about four to eight degrees above average this month. But with the remnants of the hurricane leaving to our east, we'll start to see a change in the weather.

That change will eventually move the warm air out and bring in much cooler air for the weekend. We're talking afternoon highs 10 to 15 degrees below average for Saturday. Temperature swings will be common this month as we continue to transition into fall.

In Sioux Falls, we've had five days with highs of 80 degrees or warmer.  That's halfway to our average of 10 for the month.

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