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September 11, 2017 10:12 PM

Irma Changes Ocean Views Along Florida Coast

Hurricane Irma not only brought heavy rain and powerful wind, the storm actually changed Caribbean coastlines. 

Hurricane Irma traveled along Florida's western coast.  

Winds screamed at more than 100 miles per hour with at least one report of a 140 mph wind gust.  Tornadoes were popping up with upwards of four to five warnings at a time.  And the water ever so slowly advanced inland causing flooding.

But there were several videos that popped up on the Internet where it looked as if the ocean had just vanished.  Of course, it didn’t vanish. It was still very much on Earth and those ocean front views were only temporally altered. What actually happened was that the ocean was literally being sucked into the storm. 

At the center of any hurricane is extremely low pressure due to rising air. That rising air actually pulls on the ocean, causing the water level to actually rise into the eye of the storm.

That extra water at the center of the storm has to come from somewhere and we got to see where the water came from at nearby beaches.

Irma won't have any direct effects on our weather here in KELOLAND, but later this week we do have a chance for thunderstorms. 

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