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March 15, 2017 06:37 PM

In Spite Of Prediction, West River Needs More Snow

Snow and ice in KELOLAND will continue to melt through the rest of the week.  The latest round of snow pushed me over my snowfall forecast for Pierre and Aberdeen. It has inched me closer in Sioux Falls. Unfortunately for me, western South Dakota is still far below where I thought we would be.

Here's a look at the numbers: Sioux Falls is about 2 1/2 inches away from my prediction of 42 inches for the season. I'm already over in Pierre and Aberdeen by 2 inches a piece. Depending on how you look at it, western South Dakota needs some help. 

With the continuing drought in that area, snow would be a good thing to quench the thirst and to get in some late season snow fun. The snow will be pretty hard to find as temperatures warm through the weekend.  But we are watching colder air that could return late next week.  With it, we'll have to see if snow returns.
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