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March 17, 2017 06:16 PM

How This Winter Compares To Past Years

The forecast has spring-like temperatures popping up more and more but before we completely put winter behind us.

Due to the expected La Nina, forecasters in the Midwest predicted a cooler than average winter. And at least it started off that way and certainly felt colder than average in the middle of winter.

You probably remember the extremely low wind chills late January 16th and early January 17th. Wind chills dropped to minus 47 degrees in Eureka with many areas in South Dakota experiencing wind chills in the minus 30s.

Then February hit. Which in meteorological terms, it’s still winter but the averaged highs were near 10 degrees above normal!

So how did the predicted high temperatures hold up against the actual high temps?

The answer to that depends on where you live.  It seems central and western KELOLAND took the brunt of the winter season and ended up having averaged highs falling within the expected range. But the east ended up being a little warmer than expected, making it a near normal winter.

But with every passing day, we are getting more direct sunshine and we’ll see warmer weather becoming the norm. 

But with the warmer temps come thunderstorms and severe weather, which we’ll talk more about in the Spring Doppler Special which airs Monday, April 24.
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