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October 09, 2017 06:30 PM

Frost And Freeze Warnings In Place For Overnight

Light snow is already on the ground in the Black Hills, a sure sign of colder weather as we continue to transition deeper into fall.  

Our first main hit of cold air is here.  It's cold enough to prompt frost and freeze warnings and advisories in central and eastern KELOLAND for Monday night.  This should easily go down as our coldest air of the season so far.

As the cold air comes in, Aberdeen has a chance to fall to the low to middle 20s while Sioux Falls will be close to 30.  The last time Aberdeen fell to the 20s was May 2 when the thermometer went to 25.  If Sioux Falls sneaks to the 20s, it will be the first time since April 28.

Even if you do not get a frost or freeze, this will probably be your last advisory or warning issued as the growing season is considered to be over by mid-October.

But if you want to try to extend your growing season around the house, feel free to cover plants as we don't expect another hit of a frost or a freeze for at least a week or more.  

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