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April 17, 2017 05:21 PM

Figuring Out The Severe Weather Threat

Will the forecasted thunderstorms be non-severe or will the sky throw large hail and tornadoes? That's a question meteorologists across grapple with when thunderstorms are in the forecast. The Storm Prediction Center has a way of categorizing the severe threat. 

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK groups severe storm potential into 5 categories: Marginal, Slight, Enhanced, Moderate, and High.  

These categories are based on the probably of a severe thunderstorm occurring within 25 miles. But if you’re not a fan of statistics, then you can think of these categories in this way.

Marginal means a very isolated severe threat. 
Slight will see more scattered severe storms. 
The Enhanced category is a little more serious as numerous severe storms are possible.

The Moderate and High categories are only used for the most dangerous of situations. Like the severe weather that plowed through the south a couple weeks ago, those severe weather outlooks were considered Moderate and High.

So throughout this summer season, be on the lookout for these convective outlooks to help gain an understanding of what kind of severe weather event we are expecting. And we’ll discuss more the upcoming stormy season in the Spring Doppler Special on Monday, April 24. 

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