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September 22, 2017 10:06 PM

Expect Heavy Rain This Weekend

It feels a little warm today in southeastern KELOLAND.  In fact, the overnight low in Sioux Falls was 77, which ties the all-time warmest September low in Sioux Falls from September 14, 1939.  

The warm nature of the air goes hand in hand with the excessive humidity we are feeling in many spots East River.  That too, could be considered near record levels.

Meteorologists like to consider not just the low level humidity, but the moisture values over the entire reach of the atmosphere where rain clouds can form.  The values shown on FutureScan are very high for the beginning of autumn in KELOLAND.  In some time periods, we are estimating these moisture levels more than 200 percent above normal and near the 99 percentile ranking.  

That means thunderstorms this weekend will be favorable candidates to produce heavy rain.  Continue to monitor the latest forecast here from the Storm Center as we gether more timing and placement details of the rain ahead.   

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