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August 09, 2012 06:26 PM

Drought Monitor

sioux falls, sd

While Sioux Falls has already tripled its rain this month when compared to July, it hasn't made a dent in the drought monitor.  We'll need several more days of rain this month to see things improve.

The severe to extreme drought category covers much of the southern half of KELOLAND.  The northern half is in the dry to moderate stage.  The drought monitor is based on a five-tier system.  The first tier is dry; the fifth tier is labeled 'exceptional'.  We don't have anyone in KELOLAND labeled in that category.

The forecast is looking better.  We will continue with better chances for rain this month, with another shot coming this weekend and again late next week.  Many locations need above average rain by three to six inches to see improvement in the drought monitor.

Temperatures are also looking better.  While we will still have some days of hot and dry weather, those days are getting numbered and it looks as though we'll have cooler temperatures this month when compared to June and July. 

Take a closer look at the changes to the drought monitor throughout the summer by reviewing the images below.

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