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December 02, 2013 05:15 PM

December Outlook

The sunshine on Monday helped areas of KELOLAND warm to at least ten to 15 degrees above average. But much colder air is lurking to our north and will soon make its presence known. Some of those temperatures will be at least 20 degrees below average later this week.  The colder than average temperatures will most likely be the theme for much of this month.

December is a month where we start in the 30s to near 40 and end in the 20s and 30s for highs. Lows fall from the teens to the single-digits in eastern South Dakota. Snow amounts range from near five inches in Pierre to over eight inches in Sioux Falls.

The colder air later this week will not only cover KELOLAND but it will stretch back to the western United States.  This is usually a good set-up for us to receive better chances for snow for the rest of the month.

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