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July 11, 2014 10:50 PM

The Schreurs: Dirt Tracks Double-Trouble

Hartford, SD

Twins may have an advantage in many sports. They always have someone of their size and skill level to compete against. As for the Schreurs twins have become double-trouble on the dirt track.

When they were nine years old, Travis and Troy Schreurs, began racing Go-Karts. Now 17 years later, the twins from Baltic, SD, are driving each other to the top of their respective classes. Not because they don't like to compete against each other, but because it's not safe to.

"We know exactly what the other one is going to do and if we push and shove, we're going to get it right back. We've taken each other out once or twice and once was for the win, so it's probably better that we don't race against each other," Travis Schreurs said.

"It's gotten been heated a couple of times. We don't race against each other very often. We enjoy helping each other more than racing against each other," Troy Schreurs said.

Their "twin powers" come in handy at I-90 Speedway in Hartford, SD. Travis' No. 1 car hits the track in the Street Stock races just before Troy's 360 Sprints, allowing them to share a lot of information on the conditions.

"I watch him quite a bit to see what the track is doing. I can read what he's doing, so I know what I need to do when I get out there. We think a lot alike," Troy said.

"That is the nice thing about it, it's almost an advantage out here. We drive a lot alike, we know what the track is doing, and we know each other is looking for. Thinking a like and driving a like is a huge advantage," Travis said.

Travis has six top three finishes, including four wins. Troy has three top three finishes and one win, which he took home on May 17. Travis also made it victory lane that evening, making it one of the few times the two had won their features on the same night. Now they are pulling for each other to each bring home a title at the end of the season.

"That would be awesome. To both win on the same night is huge, but winning a championship takes a season long effort of winning, and solid runs," Travis said.

"It's tough to win on any night, much less lead the points out here. It's pretty cool and hopefully we can hold out until the end of the year and both get championships. That would be pretty awesome, but we will see how it goes," Troy said.

You can catch the Schreur's boys this Saturday night at I-90 Speedway in Hartford. The green flag will drop around seven o'clock.

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