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December 22, 2016 06:34 PM

Sioux Falls Adds A Semi-Pro Soccer Team

Sioux Falls, SD

The National Premier Soccer League has expanded to South Dakota, as the Sioux Falls Thunder FC have joined the league as an expansion team.  

The NPSL operates in the fourth division of the U.S. Soccer pyramid and is one of the largest leagues in North America.  The Thunder will play in the Midwest Region's North Conference alongside teams from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and plan to play their home games at the USF Sports Complex.  

The NPSL season runs May through July.  

The Thunder are owned by Sioux Falls resident Amadu Myers, who's currently assembling a staff and hopes to host player tryouts in March.  Myers says the level of play will resemble the former Sioux Falls SpitFire, as he looks to continue the growth of soccer in Sioux Falls.

"That's my goal from day one.  When I came here, watching those SpitFire guys play, I wanted to be like them.  So, my goal is to have kids growing up now to look up to us and be like, I want to play like that guy.  I want to be like him.  I want to make it somewhere," Thunder owner Amadu Myers said.

Myers hopes the team is a stepping-stone towards Major League Soccer for players, though the league doesn't have any age limits or restrictions.
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