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April 04, 2018 06:25 PM

Player Of The Year Nominee Dylan LeBrun Rewrote Record Book At Flandreau

Flandreau, SD

Flandreau senior Dylan LeBrun is our next nominee for the Sanford Pentagon/KELOLAND Media Group Player of the Year award.  LeBrun scored more than 2,000 career points during his high school career, and stands among the Fliers' all-time greats.

Dylan LeBrun began playing varsity basketball in eighth grade, and quickly made it known that he was a rare talent.

"His freshman year, I think the first game he scored 20, 25 points, and everyone was just kind of like wow. That was his really, starting point of his career I feel," Flandreau Head Coach Brendan Sheppard said.

A few years later, Brendan Sheppard took the reins as Flandreau head coach, and had some ideas on how LeBrun could take his game to the next level.

"Coach Shepp got here, he really focused a lot more on defense and he wasn't shy about telling me know how bad I was at it. So I know when he came we really worked on defense and I think I really improved as a defender over the years," Flandreau Senior Dylan LeBrun said. 

By his senior season, LeBrun was a complete player, and one of the state's best.  He averaged a double-double, posting more than 26 points and eleven rebounds, while dishing out nearly five assists per game.  But, Sheppard says LeBrun did more than put up numbers, he made watching the Fliers an event.

"What Dylan's done for the basketball program in Flandreau is he's made it a really cool, a really fun thing to be around. Our crowds the last few years have been huge. When you come here for a basketball game it's hard to find a seat," Sheppard said.

LeBrun says he enjoyed the support from the hometown fans, and will remember his senior season fondly.

"Definitely playing my senior season with my little brother Conner. Playing with him was a really good time and I was glad. Not everyone gets to play with their siblings in high school and it was really special for me to finish my career out with him," LeBrun said.

The 6'6" guard will play at Augustana next fall, and leaves quite the legacy at Flandreau, where he's now the Fliers' all-time leader in points and rebounds.

"I think his legacy is, in my opinion, the best player to ever play here," Sheppard said.

LeBrun is one of five male nominees for Player of the Year.  We'll unveil the remaining finalists Thursday and Friday on KELOLAND News at six and ten.  The winner will be announced during Saturday's All-Star banquet at the Sanford Pentagon.

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