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August 01, 2014 11:16 PM

Peterson Has High Hopes For Vikings New Offense

Mankato, MN

Adrian Peterson has had his share of head coaches and offensive coordinators in his seven year career. This season he will have yet another new offense and playbook to learn, however it's one he has been waiting his entire career for.
Despite finishing last year 5-10-1, the Vikings ranked 13th in total offense. However the fans, the media, and the players seemed to predict every play before it was ran. The Vikings got rid of Bill Musgrave’s tiny play card and brought in one of the most unpredictable play callers in Norv Turner.

"I have to call it like it is, and I feel like in the past we have been predictable. It's no secret the media has done stories about us being predictable; it is the same thing every year. They won't be able to write that story this year, because this offense is so versatile," Peterson said.

Turner's offense has brought out the best in backs such as Emmitt Smith, Ladainian Tomlinson, and Ricky Williams. Why, because it allows them to be successful with their hands as well as their feet.

"This is what I have been looking forward to for the past seven years. I feel like we have an offense that fits our talent with what we have. I'm pretty excited with what Norv Turner is putting in for us and it is going to give a lot of guys opportunities to make plays while being more versatile as an offense. I'm stoked about that," Peterson said.

Although A. P. may go down as one of the best runners the game has ever seen averaging 1,445 yards per season, the jury is still out on his ability to catch the ball. In his seven years he has tallied only 1,697 yards receiving with only five touchdowns. Nonetheless the six-time Pro Bowler has as much confidence in his mitts as he does in his legs.

"I feel good. I don't want to make it seem like I'm Michael Irvin or Jerry Rice, but I've been playing this game since I was seven and I can catch a football. I'm confident in what I'm able to do and what I'm going to do when called upon," Peterson said.
The Vikings new look offense will be on display Friday August 8 when they welcome in the Raiders for their first preseason game

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