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July 12, 2017 10:35 PM

Little League's A Big Hit In Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls finally has Little League Baseball.

It's new to the city, but league president Travis Eastman is no stranger to the game.  Eastman was the president of Canyon Lake Little League in Rapid City for three years, including 2014 when the team advanced to the World Series.  When Eastman moved to Sioux Falls last year, he was hoping to give the kids here that same chance.

"It was something that when I moved to Sioux Falls, knowing that Sioux Falls didn't have Little League, it's something I really wanted to see if the community would get behind and support, and we were very fortunate this year we got an approved charter," Sioux Falls Little League President Travis Eastman said. 

There are now 12 Little League organizations in South Dakota, with five coming from East River cities, while seven are West River.  Eastman hopes the addition of Sioux Falls will lead to future growth.

"Any community could get a Little League charter. Hopefully they see some of the excitement we have going on in Sioux Falls Little League, being our first year. Hopefully a lot of them will consider becoming members of the Little League Baseball Organization," Eastman said. 

Four teams from Sioux Falls competed during the regular season, but once that was complete, the top players were selected to play for the All-Star team, which is the squad that can qualify for the World Series.

"They know at the end they're going to have the opportunity to compete in the tournament platform to go to the Little League World Series, so that's really exciting for them to at least be a part of it," Eastman said. 
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