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August 25, 2014 10:45 PM

Isaac Schreurs Discusses Historic Win

Brandon, SD

In 2005, a motocross accident left Isaac Schreurs paralyzed from the waist down, but it didn't extinguish his passion for racing.  Four years later, Schreurs started racing sprint cars, and today, is making history.

An accident robbed Isaac Schreurs of the use of his legs at age 14.  But, with the help of many, including Robby Wolfgang, and cousins Travis and Troy Schreurs, Isaac is giving "gas, brake, steer" a whole new meaning.

"I've got the gas on the right side of my wheel and the brake on the left side, and it's like a butterfly wheel.  It's gas and brake and steer, and that's all that you need to do," Isaac Schreurs said.

It took Schreurs a few years to feel comfortable with the hand controls, and ultimately competitive, though it's always physically demanding.

"Depending on track conditions, that's how my hand controls will determine my finish, because sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it's very tough," Schreurs said.

Schreurs has been working with a person trainer for the past year, looking to swing the odds in his favor.

"Everywhere from your mental capabilities to your physical capabilities, I think the personal training is awesome to have.  I just feel more confident.  I feel more able, and I think I am, as well.  So, I will continue to make improvements on fitness," Schreurs said.

Entering the season, Isaac's goal was to finish races, but on August 16th, at Park Jefferson Speedway, he became the first paraplegic to win an ASCS 360 sprint feature.

"It was really cool because the guys behind me were more pumped for the win than I was, almost.  My competitors that I've been watching and racing with for a long time were very happy for me, which makes you feel pretty good when they're just as happy as you are," Schreurs said.

The celebration continued as Isaac's dad carried him to the winner's circle.

"He pulled me out of the car and we really didn't know what to do.  I'm like, dad let's go out front and celebrate.  So, we walked out in front of the car and we both held up the number one, and for a couple minutes I don't think anyone left in the stands.  Everyone was watching.  It was a pretty cool experience," Schreurs said.

"I could never be so proud to be called Isaac's dad.  It's quite an accomplishment and people are realizing it.  Hopefully there are other people in his condition inspired in one way or another to follow their dreams," Isaac's dad Jeff Schreurs said.

Most importantly, the win lived up to Isaac's dreams.

"It was pretty much just how I imagined it would be in my dreams, and it actually came true.  So, it's something that we'll never forget," Isaac said.

The win was Isaac's first major victory, though he did win a 305-class feature at Huset's Speedway in 2010, beating two other cars.

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