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September 13, 2017 10:40 PM

HSVB: Harrisburg Seniors Have Tigers Poised For Success

Harrisburg, SD

After winning the state "AA" volleyball championship last November, Harrisburg has picked up where it left off, opening the season with six straight wins.

Harrisburg started the year at the top of the South Dakota Media Poll, but three weeks into the season, the Tigers have yet to be bounced from the top spot. 

After losing two senior stars, including Nebraska outside hitter Sami Slaughter, Harrisburg's led by a new group of senior Tigers. 

"They knew immediately when the season was over that they had to fill that so we started talking about positions and who might have to move and they did what was best for the team, we moved some positions, we figured it out and away we went," head coach Ronette Costain said.

The senior class is now getting its chance to shine together after nearly a decade on the court.

"They've been playing together, the six seniors, since they were in third grade, Brooklyn Bollweg's a junior, she's played with them for the last two years, that's huge," Costain said.

"We've been with each other through the highs and the lows so like to have this season going for us it's just really fun because we can all enjoy it together," senior Carlie Fikse said.

The Tigers are enjoying more than their successful start. One of their favorite parts of this season? Practice.

"As much as practice can stink sometimes just being here with your friends and encouraging the younger kids to get involved like I think that's a lot of fun too," senior Avery Thorson said.

"One of my favorite parts is at practice we're all so fun and giggly but we know like when it comes to like to scrimmaging games or hard drills you have to be really focused and trying your best," senior Madison Wassink said.

They're best has Harrisburg off to a perfect start, while their focused on not slowing down. 

"If they're down a few points, they're not going to get rattled, they're just going to keep coming at you and they're going to find a way to work their way out of it. It's what they've always done," Costain said.

"We know that we have to play to the best of our ability every game to basically succeed and hopefully win a state championship again," Wassink said.

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