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August 22, 2014 11:05 PM

HSFB: Bon Homme All-Star Hunter Young

Tyndall, SD

Bon Homme hasn't won a football championship since the mid-90's, but that hasn't stopped the Cavaliers from producing talented players.  This year, senior Hunter Young stands atop the list.

The Bon Homme Cavaliers enter the 2014 season with lofty expectations, and it's defense and a team-first attitude that make the Cavs go.

"It's always been our strength.  We're quick.  We fly around.  It helps us out a lot," senior Hunter Young said.

"I'm a big fan of chemistry.  Makes my life easy, and we've got some great chemistry.  So, I expect great things.  Typically, we have a pretty good year.  So, hopefully we can keep that going," head coach Byron Pudwill said.

The Cavaliers will also rely heavily on senior Hunter Young.  The 5-11, 180-pound running back has been turning heads since May, with his impressive showing at the Blue/Grey Combine held in Sioux Falls.  His performance earned him a spot at a second combine in the lone star state.

"I got accepted to go to Texas and play.  Played with about 115 kids.  I excelled there, and they asked me to play in a game down in Florida," Hunter Young said.

"When he went down, I'm thinking wow, how is this going to turn out.  It turned out great.  He placed really high and his numbers were good.  It reflected his work.  He got the invite to play in a game in Tampa.  So, great role model for our kids," Byron Pudwill said.

Young will play in the North/South Blue/Grey high school all-star game in Tampa, Florida, in early January.  It's an honor that may not have been possible without the facilities and opportunities Sioux Falls provides.

"It's nice.  Being from South Dakota, not many kids get looked at, and especially being from a small town.  I mean, it's really tough to get looked at.  Going to these combines really helps a lot," Young said.

Pudwill says Young's work ethic carries over from the football field to other aspects of life, including the classroom, where Hunter is a 4.0 student.

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