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July 24, 2014 10:45 PM

Dynamite Mark Dobmeier

Brandon, SD

Mark Dobmeier owns a radiator shop and bail bonds service in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  In his down time, he's also established himself as one of the most successful sprint car drivers of the past decade.

Mark Dobmeier is the all-time wins leader at River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, and a five-time champion at Huset's Speedway, and he's addicted to winning.

"You can't explain it.  You can't really understand the feeling, but it's addicting.  I'd say it's a drug in a way, and I've definitely got that disease," Mark Dobmeier said.

"Dynamite" Dobmeier lived up to his nickname in early July, winning three times in three nights, including the World of Outlaws event at Huset's Speedway.  The trio of wins netted Dobmeier $17,000, and every penny went back into the 13-car.

"Anything this car makes, we put it right back into it, and that's how we're able to come out here every week with good equipment.  I know what it takes, and I know what it costs to race, and I know if you take much money out of that, your aren't going to make nothing at the end of the year, and someone is going to lose a lot of money.  So, I just do it for the love of the sport," Mark Dobmeier said.

That love was tested early this season, as Dobmeier blew a series of engines, was hampered by rainouts, and simply struggled to win.  But, momentum might finally be back in his favor.

"Once you get that first win, it gives you that boost, it gives you that confidence, and it gives you that first swing of momentum.  It seems like after you get that first one, they start coming and start clicking right off," Dobmeier said.

Dobmeier has been so good as of late, he's even starting to hear a few boos.

"I've noticed that this year.  There's a couple boos.  You know, if somebody wins enough, sooner or later, they're going to boo you. Kind of tone out the boos and listen for the good ones," Dobmeier said.

Dobmeier is hoping his recent success carries over into August, and the Knoxville Nationals.

"It's what everyone kind of gears their whole summer towards.  We hit a good stride about a month ago.  We started finding our speed, and it's right before nationals time.  So, our timing is perfect.  We just need to keep it and work on our Knoxville program a little bit.  We've been struggling a little bit there this year, and I think we'll be just fine come Knoxville time," Dobmeier said.

The 54th annual Knoxville Nationals begin August 6th, in Knoxville, Iowa, where Donny Schatz is the defending champion.  For what it's worth, Schatz finished second to Dobmeier at the recent Outlaws event at Huset's Speedway.

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