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January 03, 2018 05:20 PM

Avoiding Ticket Scams With Upcoming Vikings Playoff Game

It's an exciting time of year for Minnesota Vikings fans. The team is in the playoffs and people here in KELOLAND are doing their best to find tickets to the upcoming game on January 14. You need to be careful who you buy those tickets from or you could get scammed out of a lot of money.

The Vikings are on an impressive run and that has many hoping to nab seats to Minnesota's first divisional playoff game since 2009.

"So the tickets are now going to be very expensive. They're just going to start to come out to the season ticket holders. They're going to be at a premium," Jessie Schmidt with the Better Business Bureau said. 

Schmidt says you need to be careful when buying tickets from a third party. Just last week, a fan in South Dakota contacted the BBB after losing more than $600. The woman purchased what she thought were tickets to the Vikings-Bears game at U.S. Bank Stadium off a person on Craigslist. 

"If you can't meet in person, exchange cash, make a physical transaction, then you really shouldn't do it on Craigslist," Schmidt said.

Instead, Schmidt suggests using a trusted ticket broker like Prairie Tickets in Sioux Falls. The business validates each stub before adding it to its marketplace. 

Taking that extra step will give you confidence you're making the right call and will protect you from scammers. 

"So not only did she not get to go to the game, she was out a significant amount of money. So really disappointing for her and her family," Schmidt said. 

Schmidt says with the playoffs and the Super Bowl followed by March Madness, this is a busy time of year when it comes to ticket purchasing and fans need to be on their toes. Prairie Tickets offers customer support if you have any questions about a future game or concert. 

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