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May 18, 2014 05:30 PM

Augie Coach Reflects On Meyer

Sioux Falls, SD

Coach Meyer might have made a name for himself at the national level, but his impact was felt locally.

Augustana's Head Basketball Coach Tom Billeter competed against Meyer when he took the reins of the Vikings basketball team in 2003.

Billeter was impressed with how Meyer competed on the court and how disciplined his players were. He also noted that Meyer made himself known on the national level because of his tapes teaching the game of basketball. Billeter says he always treated the people around the game with respect.

“Obviously a very good person, strong Christian, very good family man.  Adopted all his players as his own. If you played for Coach Meyer you in a family. If you went on to coach you never left the tree,” Billeter said.

Coach Meyer won 221 games while he coach at Northern State.

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