Jumpstart Your Health Journey


No matter what your motivation, getting fit at any age can be a challenge. Right now might be a perfect time for you to be focus on fitness and health, by changing your lifestyle and approach to food and activity. Take each day one at a time, and step by step and you will become stronger, feel better, and be healthier. Here are five tips to Jumpstart Your Health Journey:

Take Baby Steps

Creating new habits can be difficult, so start slow and slowly ramping up. If you haven’t been exercising, add a short walk to your routine each day. As this becomes easier, increase the distance and/or incline and keep going! Or, if you aren’t getting enough water, carry a refillable water bottle with you, fill up, and save the earth at the same time. Your body functions at its best with plenty of water. Those small positive changes, baby steps, really add up over time.

Find Your Motivation

Want to lose weight? Eat better? Have more energy? Take time to determine what your health goals are. Create new habits and make positive health choices to help you stay motivated to achieve these goals. Motivation is one of the most important keys to success.   

Personalize Your Plan

Everyone’s journey to a fitness and overall health should be personalized. Services like Motovo help create mindful connections between weight, steps, food and mood to make better health decisions. A Motovo health coach will monitor what you track to personally help you learn how to better your habits and daily decisions. Consider working with a professional to help you do the same thing.

Stay Active

Sitting is the new smoking as it relates to our health. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a short walk several times each day. Get up and move each hour and work to make sure you get at least thirty consecutive minutes of activity each day. How can you fit this in to your day? Plan your week so activity doesn’t get cut from your schedule. Consider using a fitness trackers help track your steps and activity.

Eat smart!

Enjoying a healthy diet will improve your health the most, give you more energy, and help you live at your ideal weight. Plan your menu, so that you get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals each week. Meal planning also makes grocery shopping more efficient and cost effective.  An added bonus is finding a place that you trust, a health market that specializes in whole, healthy foods, where you can pick up meals and sides when you’re on the go.

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